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I Forge Iron

Just starting

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Hi all thought I better stop lurking an jump in.

Have been reading as many of the threads as time permits (some very talented people out there).

I have been inspired to have a go, so I spent the weekend scrounging on the family property to make a forge.






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Welcome to the obsession!

Nice anvil, I have a 125 Sodorfors Sorceress #5, made in 1933. Is your's named too? It looks virtually identical to mine.

I like your stand too, looks almost like it was made for an anvil. How's it's height for you? Standing flat next to it the face should strike you between your knuckle and wrist.

Again, welcome to the active branches.


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No name on the Anvil just Soderfors Bruk Stockholm Sweden.

As for the stand it was floating around the old milking shed. it is a little bit high but I can sink it into the ground a little, was half buried when I found it(prob about 40yrs a few more couldn't hurt).

Doug unfortunately I can’t claim to have blacksmith in my blood only horses and cattle. anvil used for shaping comercial shoes.

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Greetings. Just for grins try this....get a piece of dimensional lumber to stand on while at the anvil ( if it is too high ). Add lumber until you have the height Frosty spoke of. You also might just use your inseam length ( mine matches my anvil height ). Perhaps that stand is an old cream seperator stand, I don't know. Shame it's not right height. When you get to the point of hammering you WILL appreciate the right height on anvil ( and your body will hate wrong height especially too low). I use bridge plank occasionally for forging larger stuff ( just step up on the plank to hammer). This can take some dexterity but it works well for me. Good luck on the forge. We have several on the sight from OZ and I'm sure that one will post on this thread. Perhaps you are near a group for a get together. Good luck. Nice to see that the anvil isn't molested ( especially horn) from cold keg shoes. I have seen them in rough shape ( 200 lb Peter Wright almost ruined ). Glad you can get to use your Grandpa's tools.

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