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Hello from Kansas City

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KCfabricator --> Welcome to I Forge Iron
Believe it or not we would like to hear a little more about you and what your interests are. I can speak for a lot of members I know on this site.
By not knowing much about you, I will step out on a limb and make the following suggestions.
I see you are from "Kansas City". If you look on the home page it will provide infrormation about other blacksmiths or blacksmithing groups that are located in your area.
Here is a group that may be in your area, you might check this out.
Central States Metal Artisans --> http://gpba.abana-chapter.com/
Strike while the metal is hot! Ted

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OK. My interests cover a pretty broad range just because I'm the only welder/fabricator/metal guy my friends and family know. This usually leads to quite a bit of time sitting in front of the puter trying to figure out how the xxxx I'm gonna fix this or make that.
I started out as an aluminum welder about 12 years ago then after 6 moved on to carbon and stainless steel.
I like building knives (have not got one to come out less than ugly yet), doing SOME gun repair, custom parts for motorcycles, and on and on . I guess I like making steel do it my way.

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