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Belknap Hardware vise.


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I think i may have found where my vise originated. Belknap Hardware and manufacturing in Louisville KY. 

I am going by the picture in a 1917 catalog and the fact that my family is from KY.  5" jaws at 65# is listed in the catalog. The time period would have been about right for when my great grandfather bought the vise and being in KY it would make sense that would be the purchase point rather than somewhere like Chicago. I also have some of my grandfathers older tools that are stamped Belknap, so that kind of also points to them being the place. The vise pictures, even though it is a drawing, looks exactly right. From the clover leaf mount to the bevels and tapers all in the right place.  

Anyway, does anyone know if Belknap actually made their vises or did they purchase them from another maker and just resell them? 

Anyway i think, i could be wrong. 


Anyway, thats him. No markings of course but as far as i know there are no replacement parts in it, all original. 

The add says Japanned Finish, which mine still has traces on. Was that common for vises to be finished in such a way?

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23 hours ago, Irondragon Forge & Clay said:

Belknap had many manufactures making the heavy tools

That is what i was a figurin. Like most tool companies they subcontract a lot of things. 

4 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Much faster drying time than an old oil based paint.

Last time i painted the barn i painted the porch with the same paint. I figured i only have to paint a barn every 5 years or so i could do the same with the porch. 3 days later my mom came over, leaned against the railing and came away with a behind covered in paint. 

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