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Help needed on usefulness


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I found an old swage Block but all the holes in it are round, none of them are square.

Is that unusual & is it something I should be concerned with.

Its 2.75” thick , 75-80lbs & $150

Would it be worth it at $2 per lbs even without the square Hardy’s?

Condition is fair to good. Needs cleaned up but nothing broken.

I know, I should have taken a pic but I’m considering stopping back by.

Opinions needed.

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What would you use a swage block to do in your shop?

Are most of the holes in a swage block larger than the normal stock you use anyway?  When was the last time you forged 2 inch square, or needed a large round tenon?

Photos of the block would help.

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Good Morning Biker,

There is no such thing as a Swage Block that will do everything. I have a few and flip them around as needed. If you are doing the same thing, a lot, you can make your own Swage Block with a scrap from under the cutting table. There is no rule that it "has to be" a certain dimension or grade of steel. There are quite a few places that cut odd shapes, which leaves behind 'odd shaped' drops.

Don't create "the Box" that might curtail your imagination and vision. The Journey has no 'Time Line'.


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