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Building a 350lb Dining Table

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Well it took me nearly 2 years, but I finally finished my dining room table build. A combination of 3D printing, woodwork and metalwork were used to create a piece that I am incredibly proud of. The metalwork portion isn't blacksmithing, just straight metal fabrication. I did all the work on this table with the only exception being the rolling of the 3/8" x 5" flat bar... I nearly built myself a roller for that, but realized that a roller that beefy would be overkill for just about anything else I ever did, haha. Probably should have built it anyway!

Build Video here: https://youtu.be/pI-xOpuqnLU

Please come by and check out my video. And if you like these kinds of videos please subscribe to the channel, I'm aiming to make new videos every week.




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Thanks guys. The top is tight grain Douglas Fir (prevalent in my area, I'm surrounded by it), and the cross beam is old growth Douglas Fir that was the mantle piece in my wife's childhood home. The wood is finished with a sprayed on clear lacquer, no tinting or staining.

I go in more detail in the video linked above, but essentially I used a plywood sheet for stability, and attached to it unfinished engineered fir flooring, then trimmed it with a 2"x3" band of solid fir. Makes for the illusion of being 3" thick of solid fir, but it has the dimensional stability of engineered wood.

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