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Hammering Saturday, Sept 21 In London

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Hello Everyone!

This forum seems pretty dead. We should liven it up a bit!

I'm a fledgling blacksmith. Just got my forge up and running and mounted my anvil. I have the basic tools and a full tank of propane. I'm eager to get started! I'm totally new to this but I would like to invite anyone out there who's interested in blacksmithing to learn with me! I make no claims of expertise and will in no way be teaching. I know there's a lot of people out there who are interested in blacksmithing but consider it to difficult to get into. So this is a chance to come out and try your hand at smithing.

I know this is shot notice but I'm super excited to spend tomorrow with my forge and I'd love to share my excitement and enthusiasm with you!

I live in south London and will just be chilling in my backyard most of the day.

Send me a message if you're interested in coming by!

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Hello! I wanted to find out what's new in Canada chat, but there aren’t as many people as I understand. I never thought that a blacksmith's hobby would grow into something more than part of my backyard)) However, now I have quite a few private orders for interior items. I am faced with a choice - to develop my business further or leave it as it is. I read that Toronto business people often use wealth management service (link removed) to make the right choice. My current experience tells me that own metal shop will be a more profitable investment than stocks or crypto. Have you had thoughts about your own production as an investment in the future?

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Yes I have give it a lot of thought over the decades and I have decided to run it as a dead loss hobby rather than as a business. Now I can enjoy it without worrying if I was making any money from it.  One major factor is that I am in the USA and health care is a major issue.  Here most small craft businesses are one health issue away from bankruptcy.  In 1989 I decided to support my family with a "traditional" job with benefits and run my hobby as a hobby.  In 2000 I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Juvenile Diabetes and was very happy to have those benefits.

Now if this was just an ad for that linked service; I'd suggest you review the TOS.

Otherwise we can discuss tax implications, liability, cash flow and other aspects of running smithing as a business.

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You may not intend it in this manner, but your post reads like a come-on advertisement for the referenced financial planners more than a question about smithing.  If the former, hopefully the moderators will get involved.  If you are really asking about getting into the business of smithing, this is an extremely tough time to be contemplating starting a business.  What kind of "interior items" have been ordered, how are you tooled up, what is your level of expertise, and how did you arrive at the pricing for the "items"?

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