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Please critique my forge


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OPStarted a 20 lb propane forge based on Wayne Coe's design with 2 3/4 inch Frosty T burners. Please let me know thoughts on burner location etc. Before I put in the ceramic wool and kast o lite. I plan on putting a shelf on front and back to hold fire bricks. Thanks!








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yea the forge entrances(/exhaust openings?) look huge! unless its perspective and the thing is actually not that big
what i see on forges like that is that the opening is usually about the size of...a brick laid flat on its side.
maybe a bit higher and a smidge longer.
thats maybe...20cm x 10cm? ( 8" x4") ?

I dont have a gas forge, am japanophile smith, fuigo and clay and bricks and thats all my forge needs.

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Looks good, don't worry about the pull away it won't make any difference. 

The burner nozzles (I assume that's what the 2 red projecting tubes are) should not project beyond the refractory.  In fact they should be recessed a little bit into the refractory.  The heat will cause the ends to oxidize and deteriorate quickly.  I generally recess the ends into the refractory by 1/2" or more.  I mold the liner by hand around from the nozzle end to the inside surface so the hole forms a slight widening taper.


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Large door openings mean lots of heat loss, plop a brick in front of them (use insulation firebricks - the light ones not the heavy ones).  Leave only enough room for the stock to slip through.  Also the doors look high, heat goes up.  What are the cubic inches of the interior?  Looks like you used a single layer of ceramic fiber (which is OK), but if so you have a lot of space inside, which is more to heat.

It will take awhile to reach full heat since you have a refractory lining on the wool.  I also notice your burners are pointed right at the corner rather then higher or lower causing a swirl/vortex.  As such, one side of the forge is getting hotter then the other.  Sometimes that's good, as you can put the metal where you want it to heat or not heat areas.

I don't see lots of dragons breath, so it's not running really rich.  Others can chime in on that.

Overall, a good start.  There's always futzing and adjustment before you get it right :) 


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DanR- it seemed to have a swirl effect in the forge.... im just happy it worked at this point. My jets are a tapped a little off. I haven't calculated the cubic inches, I will do this weekend. I am glad I put on an idle circuit. I will order the light firebrick and put in a proper shelf. 

Mikey- I was surprised how quick it heated up, my expectations we exceeded. It was nice to put a hammer to some steel. It has been years. 

I appreciate your guys' input. Ill put the metrikote on this weekend and hopefully make a few hooks or firepit tools. 

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