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First real Smith work

Tomas W

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I just got back from a tong making class at Adams Forge. It was a 6 hour class on Box Tongs. I had 1 previous class. A introduction to Blacksmithing. We made a bottle opener. 

The class was super informative. There were 10 students. One left after a few hours. Unfortunately he got very frustrated. 

The class entailed detailed lecture while the instructor did. We then went and tried to follow suit. 

Man do I have some nice blisters now. I was one of 3 people to actually get their tongs riveted to a functional state. I feel really good about that. I will need to tune them up more. But heck I made me some tongs. 




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That's my new guy! If you don't use them you won't know the important things you got right or wrong. It's not like it's a coffee decoration. 

Of course a nice pretty pair to pass the serving bowls at a large dinner table might be a marketable product. B)

Frosty The Lucky.

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