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Using a magnet to heat treat

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It is time to start quoting some references so the rest of us can read (most likely in great detail) the technical manuals, view the charts, etc.

Blueprints have been suggested. This will put the knowledge being discussed into a reference that can be used by others months or years from now. BP0078 is about 400 blueprints ago and is still being used. But the blueprints suggestion is for all those commenting, we need more than one good reference on the subject.

Those who wish to pursue a PhD in metal studies need a different forum.
There is one active member on IForgeIron that did just that !! He got his PhD to assist him in understanding metal and then brought that knowledge to this forum. I do not know of anyone that has not benefited, in some way, from his presence here.
Thank You Doctor.

Let us stay on topic, the metallurgy of heat treating.
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one thing interesting to note is that some of the really experienced pros have delved so deeply into the subject that their copies of the standard heat treating guides published by and for the industry have been heavily annotated. Many of the changes are due to the thin nature of the blades we work with over the 1" sq standard sections used to produce most of the graphs for industry.

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