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I Forge Iron

4th real knife

Rojo Pedro

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For my self I am not a fan of the recaso on knives that have wide blades that drop below the finger like that (kitchen knife prejudice  I guess) but the notch makes that knife so much easier to sharpen. If one is going for the kitchen that is the only change. If you are going for a field/skinning knife a bit fuller handle tord the rear (think tear drop) might be in order, but that depends on how big a hand one has. 

Bottom line is I would use it despite my personal prejudices.

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Looks good for a 4th, Rojo.  


On 7/2/2019 at 9:07 AM, Rojo Pedro said:

Could use some more polishing but...

Then why did you stop

I always wonder when I read this.....


I'm curious about the wooden plugs that look like are in the handle.  Good job fitting them.

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Thanks gents

Charles, I hear what you're saying about the recasso  and now that I look at it is is kind of goofy 

Billy,  unfortunately its time. Its a gift for a friend and ran out. I drilled a couple bigger holes in the tang to reduce some weight and brother filled them with plugs and yes he did a good job fitting them. I think it look cool and is a very comfortable fit to my hand at least 

thanks for looking !  Cant wait to try another but no time to forge lately :-(

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