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anvil question

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I work in landscaping, and at a job today there a was a big rusty chunk of probably mild steel sitting on the garden. It weighs I'm guessing 80 pounds, is a foot and a half on each side and 3 and a half inches thick. If I flip it thin side up, it would probably make a nice anvil. Is weight overall, or mass under the worked piece what matters? Would it be more efficient than a 50 pound Fisher for just moving the metal around?

I'll probably ask them about it anyhow.

Merry Being,

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I'm thinking it is a bit more than 80#. I come up with 320# from the dimensions you give.

Turn it up on edge as you say and start using it. If you come across a piece of 3.5 or 4 inch 5160 (cat leaf spring ) that is 5/8-3/4" thick weld that on and you will be that much better off.

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I always take big pieces of steal whenever I can get them, even if I don't have a need for it right then, I will eventually and if you had to buy a piece of steel like that you'll know why I take all I can get.
We had an update at work on one engine series where we had to change the flywheels, the old ones where too light and causeing stalling issues, well when we got the ok to get rid of the pallet full of old ones I loaded them right into my truck, they are about 20" dia and weigh around 150-170 lbs, they make great bases for pedastals to hold grinders or sanders or whatever.
I still have like 6 of them stacked up waiting to be used, if anyone is ever in my area and would like one feel free to contact me.
I ave lots of other things like that too, you just never know, so I would say even if you don't use it for an anvil, which you really could, get it any way if they ared willing to part with it, even if you gave them a couple dollars for it.


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I just popped a letter in their letterbox this morning, hopefully they'll call me, though I didn't see any cars either time I was there, and wonder if they are away. I wish people listed blocks of old steel on craigslist :)

.28 lb/cu/in? Wow! heavy stuff! I'm terrible at judging weight, thank you frosty for correcting me. It made me certain that I want to pick it up, and that I want to see if I can pay a flat rate, not by the pound, Also, on two sides it bevels out into a section 5 inches square, which will make a dandy workspot.

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