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How do I determine the heat rating of inswool

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Hey y’all! I was given some ceramic insulation(the blanket kind), and was wondering how to determine what temperatures it’s rated for? It’s 1” thick and white, if that helps(idk if different temps are different colors).



- Kagé


Edit: Also, I’m hoping to use it to line a gas forge and I’ve heard you need to rigidize the blanket, then coat with refractory? Any recommendations on that would be super helpful too. 

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The weight rating on ceramic blanket is for cubic foot. 8lb. Kaowool is 8lbs/cu. ft.

You're running into the same issues as with scrounged steel. You can't know exactly what you have so you have to learn to evaluate it yourself or find a lower priority use for it. 

There is no way to look at it and tell anything but color. How do you know it's even Insulwool and not one of the many other brands? If there's a label then to to the manufacturer's site and look up the specs.

Wish we could help but it's beyond our ken.

Frosty The Lucky.

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