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  1. Is there any way to visually tell whether I was given the 6# or the 8#? I guess, more importantly - does it matter, since I’m hopefully going to do 2 layers, with rigidizer and refractory?
  2. Hey y’all! I was given some ceramic insulation(the blanket kind), and was wondering how to determine what temperatures it’s rated for? It’s 1” thick and white, if that helps(idk if different temps are different colors). TIA! - Kagé Edit: Also, I’m hoping to use it to line a gas forge and I’ve heard you need to rigidize the blanket, then coat with refractory? Any recommendations on that would be super helpful too.
  3. I have some green sand mixed up that I was planning to use to line a new melter. Would that be a better option for lining the forge, and use the refractory in the bucket instead?
  4. - Your glasses are fine. Lol. I’d seen those in pics of similar forges, and was planning to rig one up for mine. What I’ve got now is already denting my new handle. - It’s the same length and hole positions as the one I got it with, but that could’ve been a replacement handle already, and been shorter. - Thanks for the tip! I just got some refractory in a couple days ago. I’ll slather some on there. Steve - the fan still had one blade attached, and it’s cast iron, almost the same thickness as the stock I used to make the new blades. Ideally, in the near future, I can cast an ent
  5. I used bar and chain oil. Got everything turning, but my homemade blades were wonky, and catching on the edge of the blower housing. Got ‘em ground down and straightened, and they’re setting for the next 24hr to let the adhesive cure. Barring any other oversights on my part, I think I’m good! Fingers crossed, I should be up n running tomorrow night! Tuesday at the latest. - Kagé
  6. After much searching around, I realized I never lubed anything after I put it back together. Rookie mistake.... Now the handle, 1/4 gear, and drive wheel turn, but the belt just slides over the small wheel with the fan. *sigh*
  7. It does. 1/4 wheel ratchets the drive wheel. And thx for the welcome. I’m excited to get started!
  8. Hey all! I bought this old rust bucket coal forge. I believe the term I’ve seen used is “rivet forge”. Zero make/model marks, that I can find. Tore the whole thing apart, replaced the pump handle, drive belt, and all the nuts n bolts. Three of the blades were busted off the blower fan, so I fabbed up some new ones, and attached them to the existing fan. Sprayed all the parts with a high temp, rust resistant paint, and reassembled the whole thing, only to have it NOT PUMP, SPIN, OR BLOW AIR!!!! Please help. The belt is nice n tight, the handle has room to maneuver, and the new fan b
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