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Feather Damascus


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Despite a major screw up I managed to finish this feather damascus gyuto. 124 layers of 1095 & 1080 with 15n20 in bewteen.

Never use a cheap chinese hatchet to make the center cut. I managed to weld this thing into the billet and had to cut it out to continue.

2019-05-14 19.34.13.jpg

2019-05-14 19.34.38.jpg

2019-05-14 19.34.49.jpg

2019-05-04 19.58.21.jpg

2019-05-04 19.58.37.jpg

2019-05-04 19.58.48.jpg

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Can you mark what part of the knife that's hatchet steel and post pics please? Or is it the large silver area in the middle of the blade? Etched nicely.  :rolleyes:

Nice looking blade I like low count high contrast. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I thought I had it all ground out. I wasted two cutting wheels getting it loose, but that bright spot in the center looks suspiciously like the stainless that the hatchet was made from. That's another piece of dumb luck because I'm told that stainless rarely forge welds outside an oxygen free environment.

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