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Wierd Little Anvil- Look- what do you think?

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Check out completed sale #330247394696 ebay. Sure I probably paid too much- I have bought some nifty things from this seller- always a real pleasure and totally reliable. He knows some about smithing as well. What do you guys(generic- I attended a sensitivity session yesterday,believe it or not the presenter, an Afro-American in her 30's did a great job, made it a fun session- got everyone thinking and there were lots of laughs- I only say'believe it or not," because these classes have merit but are rarely enjyoyable- I recommended her to our Chief Judge in our District) so anyways( she's a Chicago gal too, so we had lots to talk about over a couple of Diet Pepsi's- she got me talkin' dissin and dattin and youse guys again). Anyway, I think this anvil is a little gem- marked semi-steel should be like ductile iron. Oh, and picked a very crisp Vulcan 100 pounder and a good price- good edges, no cracks, face firm and acts as "one" with the body- well shaped 3/4 hardy and 1/2 pritchel. Came from another seller I know.

Tomorrow I am firing up my bigger gasser(ITC'd) and will be cussin' a steel streak as I try to forge weld it into layers. By the way, the NC Baby arrived, and had been properly shipped. It got a dose of the miracle coating, ITC 100, and I will fire-cure it tomorrow.I think I need to negotiate a woodburner and forging approval for the garage- landlady is really nice- They will carry me out of here feet first- it is that nice a little bungalow. Regards, mike

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Tomorrow I am firing up my bigger gasser(ITC'd) and will be cussin' a steel streak as I try to forge weld it into layers.


First the anvil is chilled cast iron and somewhat harder than ductile. Cool swages on the underside. Just don't expect it to take a beating like a hardened steel anvil.

I do have one question though. WHY in the world are you going to forge weld your big gasser into layers? Has it displeased you so? :P

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Frosty- Nobody expects the Grammar-Syntax Police.!!-- It has been 38 years since I forged the muzzleloader furniture- so this will be a great reunion. I will also just be attempting to shape bevel edge chisel blades- good thing I have a decent belt steel grinder- there will likely be lots of cheating going on.

Everybody here does a good job of pushing "Fire it up, heat it up, beat it up and practice until your arm falls off"- so, here goes. "Caution, Pilgrim at the anvil!" mike

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