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I Forge Iron

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i was sorta thrown at this demo by my grandmother on our vacation up north she had called the blacksmith at the county musem and asked if i could spend a day working with him.
i goth there and and had fun watching what he was doing and seeing how he ran a demo then he let me use the forge for a while and it was a leap up from my setup with a hofi hammer and non aso anvil and a SOFA firepot
something tells me i forgot some of the talking part of the job

o well it was a learning experiance and a learned a lot and made some useful tools for the quilter

it was fun and i would do it again

sorry gota unload pics form camera ill get them up later today

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We learn a lot by watching and doing. It is amazing though, how much we can learn about blacksmithing and it's history by listening. It is great to listen to some of the more experienced blacksmiths at their demos.
Keep up the good work,

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Cool beans Tetnum!

My folks arranged something similar for me a douple decades ago. I was visiting them one year and they told me I should go to the RR & Mining museum in the town down the road. When I got there I discovered the folks had talked me up to the curator (coffeeshop buddy of Dad's) and he contacted a number of local demonstrator smiths for an informal get together. Then he advertised it in the local papers, opened the museum and conducted tours, etc.

No pressure. Nope, none at all!

I really learned a bunch though, especially about how many people are perfectly willing to tell you you're doing it wrong; their grand-whatever was a blacksmith of course, but unwilling to show or tell you how to do it right.

Lot of fun though. I've loved demoing ever since.


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