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More Senior Than I Thought-Anvil on the Tailgate

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Last week I bought a Harbor Freight 500# hydraulic lift table thinking it might make a versatile mobile and stable anvil stand. Shipping weight= 107 pounds. I gave thought to the examples and advice I saw here and returned it today. Yesterday I turned 62. In a large portion of my life I have battled chronic low back pain which I only made much worse in my racing. Surgery, PT, drugs, huge needles haven't done much. I talk about this again because it was all I could do to lift the carton from the ground to my 4WD S-10 Chevy( I am actually a Ford truck man, but that is another story)- a lousy 100 pounds and meds and gritting my teeth barely got it done. The kid at HF picked it up and handily carted it back into the store. I am not confident that I will be able to easily and safely move my 196+ V & B(actually a Brooks- bought out by Vaughan) even on a stand with a wide spread base. So, as I suggested in another post, I am serious about the number two Delta Future 100 pound anvil. I have found few reviews but at least one owner commented about a bit less hammer return and quiet. I haven't hit my anvil with anything so it is literally new and untested and I would not know what I am sacrificing by the change. All comments and written information indicates that as heavy as you can afford is best. That will not work for me. I am close to Centaur, so shipping will be quite reasonable. I still have not connected with getting my pics in the gallery so a kind person might just let me email pictures and then post for me. So, visit the tailgate of my anvil hauling S-10, if you get the hint.jet--AND PS-my nickname is Mike and I am just going to go with that from now on. If I tell you the real name I have to kill you.

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Sorry to hear that, if I lived closer, I'd buy that anvil, then build a mobile stand for it. Have a bad back myself, mess it up on a frequent basis. Anvil that size needs it, unless it's a permanent mount in the shop. I work outside also, and have to move everything out to work. I guarantee that a properly built, well thought out mobile stand, would work, if a person wanted to put the time in, and be more stable than a hydraulic lift table made out of sheet metal from the Pacific Rim Import Tool store. Their tools are cheap for a reason, mostly economic sustainablility. People are happy with the xxxx as long as it lasts a while. Then they just buy another. Total ruination of society, IMHO.

Good luck in whatever you do.


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I fabricated an 'Off road' mount to put my Miller 35 on. This enabled me to wheel it down the sidewalk and into the grass where I needed to weld. The heart of it was a pair of front wheel bearings for a standard front spindle. This allows for a lot of bearing surface and SMOOTH operation. I believe you could fabricate one out of your experience in racing to make a well balanced three point stand.

I suggest this since you have trouble with 100 lbs or less, seems you'd need to back off to a 20 lb anvil in order to transport. Marines stole the blacksmith creed "adapt improvise Overcome" :)

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There are a lot of good mobil anvil stands that I have seen on the forum and in the blueprints, I would suggest you you look into building one, I can't give you any specific plans since I am fortunate enough to not have to move mine so I use good old fashioned oak logs.
If I had to move it around though I would build a mobil stand though, verses giving up a large anvil for one I could lift, you can use a big anvil for small jobs but you can't use a small anvil for large jobs.
Just my opinon, good luck.


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I've never tried this, but I wonder how one of the heavy duty carts they use at Lowes and similar stores would work as a way to mount an anvil on wheels?
Some have a 'braking' device built in as well which would come in handy.

Might be a design worth looking at.........wonder what they do with the ones with bad or broken wheels?


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