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I am volunteering at a museum in Sandy, Oregon and we have a nice blacksmith shop display (and, quite a few smithing tools in storage).  I have taken on the task of identifying all of the smithing tools and equipment.  Included in our display and collections are a number of tongs, an anvil, two post drill presses, a forge and blower, a post vice, hammers, and a swage block.  Rather than trying to show all the photographs on these pages, it might be better, if you are interested in helping with the IDs, if I email you the photographs.  Otherwise, I could place them on these pages (approximately 75 photographs).  I am interested in the type of tool (function), the manufacturer of the tool (if known), the history of the tool type, the date(s) the items were made, and, any particular information you might know about the tools/equipment.  Any and all help will be appreciated. email removed

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Please post the images individually so we can discuss the one tool. This way the discussions are specific to that tool and do not get cross linked as would happen in a mass post.

Individual postings also serve as a future reference for others trying to identify a tool. Please use the Tools, ID, and pictorial reference under the section on Blacksmith Tooling

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