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I Forge Iron

First tongs ive just bought.


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Those look to be pretty large. It'll give you plenty of material to modify and some to play with. You'll come to appreciate small light weight tongs once you earn some muscle aches using larger than necessary tongs. ;)

Good score.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sometimes ebay or google have a bunch for sale for a decent price. At the moment there is a dude from the Maldives that sells 10 for 160 bucks. Not sure what the postage is though. otherwise "Artisan supplies" has new tongs for about $30 when on sale. 

I have a dozen or so old tongs, some bought from a diver that brought them back from the bottom of Many harbour. They work but I always reach for the nicely made new tongs from Gameco. I don't enjoy making tools, only using them. 

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Okay food for thought Marc1 appreciated too! my wife wants me to leave it as! lol I would sooner buy a few better ones like you mentioned,but ive made tools for work boiler making, their still in good use after 35 years, but im keen to start out modifying them if  required at the time, You have hit the nail on the head now because good tools is what I need now thanks alot mate.

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