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I Forge Iron

Jim Munn

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Got any pictures?  We don't even know if it's a london pattern, Itallian, French, South German,....Cast, forged, etc and so on.

Few Anvil makers date stamped their anvils William Foster did but they date between 1816 and 1864, Fisher anvils are often date stamped as part of their warranty; but again that date wouldn't fit IIRC

Really need pictures and LOCATION---if someone asked you about a used car and said it was 4 letters and one of them was a D  If it was in the USA it might be a Ford; if it was in Russia it's probably a Lada  guessing the other one i9n each location would be quite unlikely.

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Welcome aboard Jim, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header it'll really help with this and other things and heck there're IFI members within visiting distance unless you live somewhere crazy remote.

We need pics. Oblique lighting makes it much easier to see surface details like stamped characters, trademarks, etc. A shot of each side, straight on from the horn and heal, the top and the bottom.

After the basic pattern of the anvil, other details can tell folks a lot like: handling holes under the horn and heal, the shape of the feet, the placement of the hardy hole, a pritchel hole, a step. Tool marks forged, or cast leave identifiable marks as do the various methods of finishing. 

Lastly we just like looking at anvils, it's like blacksmith porn you know. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.


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