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Power hammer advice

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Thank you for the advice. I have looked around through the forum and see a little bit of discussion regarding price however nothing recent or specific to a 25lb Canadian Giant. Could I get a idea from you guys on what I’m told is a mint condition 25lb Canadian Giant would be worth?? Please let me know what funds you are using in your estimate so I can convert to Canadian. Thanks for the help!!

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Where you are located in Canada probably would affect the price, hence the suggestion to edit your profile to show it. The 25lb Canadian Giant is basically the same as the U.S. Little Giant. The condition like the Babbitt bearings, links, clutch/brake and completeness IE motor, dies, etc. of the machine will greatly affect price also. Do you have any pictures of it? You might do a search for Little Giant power hammer to see what shows up. The last one I saw advertised sold for $3500 U.S. it was in good shape with extra dies.

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There are no extra parts, just the machine itself in the attached photos. I have made the changes to my profile as suggested. The machine is 6-7 hrs from where I live, so I am unable to look it all over. So I’m hoping not to over pay and wind up with an expensive boat anchor. 






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Greetings Tnbshr. 

        I hate it when someone answers a question with a question but here it comes. 

        Have you ever had experience working a power hammer?  

        How are you making your billets now?

        Is your interest in only making knives and swords?

        Have you ever tried a hydraulic press ?

         As pictured the hammer does not have a power source 

        Forge on and make beautiful things    




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Happy almost, Tin

The only way to find out what shape it is in, is to go and check the looseness in all the joints/bushings. It sounds like Jim has asked you very important questions. If you don't understand how a Hand Hammer works, a small Jardene Hammer may be the tool to make your job turn to dirt, in a hurry. On the other hand, you may learn to respect the machine for what it is. If you are not holding your tooling straight, the hammer will spit it out of your hands quicker than you can blink. The 25 lbs. Hammer is made to work at close to 300 beats per minute. Treat it well and it can do a lot for you, but, it is a small Hammer.

Send me a PM, I will see if I can find someone who is knowledgable, to look at it with/for you.


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I have to add to the questions list:  What SIZE damascus billets? 1 oz---extreme overkill! 1000+ pounds (and yes there have been billets that size within my lifetime!) The billet might outweigh the hammer!

I used to train students on my 50# fullering hammer---no name, making tent stakes from RR spikes.  Hard to mess up a tent stake and cheap loss if you do.  I'd get familiar with it before I went to billet welding and drawing out with it.

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