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Built a New Furnace

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Finally got around to building a new furnace. I once in a while need to melt some aluminum for lift kits and the old charcoal furnace though it worked, it was kind of jack leg. Was in need of something to up production, so figured something a little bigger and better was in order. Had an old 100lb propane cylinder that was a little too pitted for propane, so decided it would make a good furnace jacket. Opted to mix my own refractory cement for I already had everything but the silica sand, so I will see how it works. Opted as well for only two burners for I don't think I will be using it for much other then aluminum. Actually the burners are homemade as well and am hoping to get a little heat going Sunday to get it cured. Kind of itching to try it out and see how it is going to work. Just thought I would post to give others some ideas maybe.

2018-12-27 20.36.58.jpg

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I've made a furnace out of a 20lb propane tank, and it only needs a 3/4 Reil burner to do Aluminum. 

That said, I believe 4" was the recommended outlet diameter for that size furnace.  May want to double check on AlloyAvenue (look for the .pdf book by user Anon).

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6 hours ago, HojPoj said:


Much appreciated! Was just building what looked ok in my head and was only using the pre existing hole in the top. One burner might be all I need, but put two holes in it anyway. Will look up the info mentioned, and again thanks!

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