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In the search for itc 100 replacements(price) I had learned the original formula was near 70 percent zircopax and 30 percent kaolin. When shopping i came across a high zirconia kiln wash from "The Ceramic Shop" and went to thinking. It has already been tested and formulated and its cheaper per pound.... So i bought a box and some zircopax and kaolin.  My recipe was one cup wash, a third cup zircopax and one sixth cup kaolin. The mixture dried rock hard and seems to be very durable.

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Nate: You're wasting time trying to invent something without knowing what it is, how it works or what the alternatives are. ITC-100 IS a kiln wash though not designed for what we need in a propane forge. It's intended to keep things from sticking to the inside of commercial furnaces.

The kiln wash you bought might have been what you were looking for. Did you read the label? What's it's stated purpose? Most kiln washes for kilns are to prevent glazes from firing to the inside of the kiln. It's usually a release agent not an IR reradiating agent though they do make ceramic's kiln washes that are. 

If you want to go with a decently effective home brewed kiln wash read up on the threads posted here. I don't recall the name but I'm sure someone in the gang will come to our rescue. ONe of our members in Nederlands IIRC was doing some pretty high end experiments and having impressive results running mixes of IIRC, 97% zirconium silicate to 3% Bentone. Bentone being a bentonite type clay available where he lives and Zircopax is a comparable product.

Frosty The Lucky.

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