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I Forge Iron

Candle snuffer

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Steve's got it . . .

I do mine by using a piece of black iron pipe - I fuller it completely closed
(taper to suit your design) leaving about a half inch neck - I then file the neck flat on both sides and curved on the top.

I forge my handles leaving (or upsetting) a mass at the end - saw a split and open it up to accommodate the neck - file the split to fit the neck then drill through both for a pin. I like the look of this assembly but you can also do the handle tip as a one sided pivot then rivet the two together.

Hope this helps!

Let us know how it goes!

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or u can take a round stock bar .. upset it at one end . ..flatten it. ... .draw out the handle ..twist and scroll it for decoration and roll the flattened end like you would roll a joint and cut off the excess ..

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Zsartell's snuffer's going to be hard to beat.

Just before you fuller the pipe closed, cut off and insert a piece of rod for the handle. A little flux and a couple short pieces of copper wire to braze.

Copper is good for brazing because the oxide is the same color as the iron and blends invisibly. Just don't quench at too high a heat or the oxide will come off leaving the coper visible.

Post pics please.


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