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Two Knives


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Het, those are very nice for a first and second. 

What steel did you use and what was your heat treat?

Nice work on the handle scales.

The main thing I think you could improve on is grinding the bevels. Look at some of the high end high quality knives and you'll see more primary bevel up closer to the spine, and just a thinner secondary bevel.  This gives you better cutting/slicing action over the short edge bevel which is just more of a chopping edge. 

Another thing is to take your time working up through the sanding grits getting the last ones out before moving to a finer grit. 


Again tho, great first and second. Look forward to seeing more. 

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Thank you. These still haven't been completely finished. I'm usually out of town for two weeks at a time. I have winters off, usually November 1st to May 1st, so I'll soon have plenty of time to finish these and hopefully make many more. These were made from leaf springs. Over the last six months, I have acquired a pile of leaf springs, and pieces of leaf spring, as well as a bunch of coil springs. I heated them up to non magnetic, then quenched them in some motor oil, which I've recently read is a no-go. I'll be buying a five gallon jug of canola oil in the next day or so. I've recently built a beveling jig, and I have maybe two weeks left of work, so these two should be finished soon.

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Did you temper them?

Good reading on the motor oil. There are lots of toxins in them when burnt. Dont forget that Thanksgiving is on its way with many people frying turkeys. The leftover peanut oild works well and people are glad to be rid of it after the one use. Get a 5gal. Plastic bucket with a sealing lid to have at the ready and ask around. ;)


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Very solid first effort.  I like the kukuri shaped one quite a bit.  I got 3 gallons of Canola from Walmart for $4.20 a gallon a few days ago.  I may try a knife of two this winter, after a year making mostly tools and decorative items, I've learned a lot about moving metal that I had no clue about before.  Working on a draw knife at the moment.  Good job. 





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