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First few knives


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Been playing around with rebar making knives. Had to work on a boat all weekend so I didn't get back into it until Monday. While they aren't the prettiest things, I do feel like I'm getting better with the hammer. I started messing with paracord for the handles. 


What do you think? 





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Depending on the type of rebar you are dealing with a very inconsistent material. The standard rebar from your home center is made up of mixed scrap to meet an engineering standard. Now bridges and nuclear containment containment chambers use very specific consistent material. Most folks who forge knives from scrap recommend using automotive coil springs. A 4x4 shop that dose lifts is a good source as is an alignment shop. Stress cracks are uncommon and the material is consistent threw out the spring, once you have forged down a thin section and worked out the your heat treat it will be consistent threw out the spring. 

I would recommend you take the time to read the knife 101 section, it will give you a basic understanding or tools, materials, techniche and desighn.


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Good points ^

Aside from materials, heat treat and grinds, they look like they would be very awkward to handle. Were you going for a specific design or are you letting the metal kind of do its thing? The arks of the blade and handles would make it want to flop sideways in your hand with any pressure applied on the blade.

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Thanks for the replies.  I wasn't really going for anything other than practice.  I bought some cheap rebar so I wouldn't be wasting time on expensive materials.  As far as the shape, I was just messing with bends on the horn vs the side of the anvil and then bending them back.  I am working with a bench grinder and angle grinder with sanding disk for now, but have started looking for a belt grinder/sander.  I have been watching videos and reading this forum none stop.  I plan on attempting some different tongs with the rebar this weekend.

Thanks again.

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Very nice straight bevels can be done by draw filing. Files can be way more affordable than a fancy belt grinder. (Wont say it wouldnt be nice to have i nice belt grinder tho.) 

Patience is the key. 

As for shape, look at what is out there and think of the reasoning behind the design. There are many different shaped knives each with their strengths and weaknesses. Intended purpose drives a certain design. 

Keep at it. 

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