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20180826_133448.thumb.jpg.58af305c2cf1cfe50f771c85dba4c157.jpgI've made a few knives before this one, but they were all material removal blades out of files, saw blades, etc. This is the first knife I'd ever forged. There are quite a few things on it that I would improve on in the future, but I'd appreciate some of those more experienced eyes to help me learn and improve as well.  It is made out of a used ferrier's rasp. The double hilt is brass with a leather stack in the middle. I also tooled the sheath.  

20180826_133528.thumb.jpg.99f48ea6be65aa8f14276a383c2cc785.jpg I was told that when you make a kukri you have to pose with it like this! 



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Nice work CC. 

It all looks good to me but it also could be better with a little more refinement. The bone on the handle looks fine, the stacked leather looks a little choppy like it could have been sanded more smooth. The brass a bit more too. 

The blades grind line could be a bit more even. ( this is where draw filing helps). 

The sheath tooling and coloring looks great. The bottom edge profile could be a little more even.

The file teeth could be stress raisers but might be fine. 

There, just some things I noticed. I'm no pro, but maybe that will help refine your next ones.  I really like it overall. Has a great look to it. 

Now don't come to my house looking like in that photo haha. 


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Das I noticed all of those things as well. I need to spend some time making jigs and guides so that I can crisp up those features you pointed out. That's not an excuse, I know that that could all be done by hand with the tools I have. I just didn't take the extra time that the hand work requires. 

The taper really should go up the blade higher as well.... 

Thanks for your input! 

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Sometimes ya just want to get to the next step so you can get it done and enjoy it. :) You just have to spend that extra time and the level of quality goes way up.

Can't say how many times I jumped to a finer grit sandpaper for a while just to realize I needed to step back to the courser. 

Also it's amazing how much easier it is to control the work with hand tools. Takes longer but more control.


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I agree with you on that! I am usually very good at taking the time to get the fine detail that I want. However, that attention to detail kinda gets thrown out the window the first time I do something because of how excited I am by the project. The trick I need to master is remembering that in the moment!!!!!!!!! 

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