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I Forge Iron

Living with a blacksmith

Sandy B

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Living with a blacksmith is like living with a 2 year old because:
1. They're always beating on something.
2. Mom's kitchen is one of there favorite places to play, they're always baking something you wouldn't want to eat.
3. You never know what you'll find in their pockets.
4. No matter how many times you tell them to be good or they'll get coal for Christmas, they just keep being bad.
5. They have their own way of knowing when dinner is ready, when the fire goes out in the forge.
6. They always get dirty when they go out to play.
7. Dirt is still the sign of social acceptance.
8. If you don't bathe them yourself, they'll never get their elbows and behind their ears clean.
9. Mom still has to kiss their ouchies.
and this is for Jr
10. You can pick them both up by their bib straps or suspenders. :roll:

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Sandy, I love it. Cookie altho new to being a Blacksmiths wife, remarked that no truer words were spoken when she read your post. She is a quick learner.

You forgot that we get our fingernails clean by doing dishes.

In fact we wash our hands by doing dishes sometimes.

We always wash our hands before going to the little room, and once in a while before we eat.

Getting dressed up, means putting on clean bibs and shirt.

And we always take our favorite hammer and tongs along on a trip, Just in case.

A sign with blacksmith shop on it, means an automatic pit stop.

There sometimes is almost no room for luggage on the way home from a trip.

And don't forget that you girls can go shopping while we are discussing the finer points of hammering iron as long as you leave the credit card and check book with us.

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