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Anvil identifying

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Let me see if I can help here.  It has the early English pattern and pound weight stamped on the side.  The "1" stands for 112 pounds and the "2" stands for 56 pounds (2 x 28 pounds) and the "15" stands for 15 pounds so your anvil weighs approximately 183 pounds if I've figured it correctly.  There were a lot of makers using this style of anvil including Mousehole.  I can almost make out "hole" on the end of the letters, but I've not seen a Mousehole stamped with "Improved" or "Best" on it.  The best guess I can give you is that it's dated somewhere in the 1800's most likely.  Wish I could be of more help, maybe others will have more information.

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I am in scotland near edinburgh

I got the anvil in east lothian from a man in his late 60s and it belonged to his father who was a local blacksmith in longniddry

But the ma didn't know anything about it unfotunatly

It has a hole on the under side and on the lower body

There is more writing on it but has worn away over the years

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