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Smithy floor plan

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Good day all,

new to forging and am putting together my own smithy. I am converting the garden shed that is ~24x16 with standard double doors and 2 windows.

I placed the forge in the darker corner to see my color better, is that the right approach? All opinions are welcome. Thanks


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You may want to review the section called Building, Designing a Shop.

You may want to switch the shelf and the freezer at the double door so you can put long stock along the wall and over the tool bench. That way you can load the stock into the shop through a mouse hole in the wall and use the bench for cutting it to length. I would suggest at least one or more work tables on wheels so they can be moved to where they are needed and then back out of the way when not needed.

You do not show the scale of the drawing or where you are located in the world. Both make a difference in the answers you can be provided.


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I like a shop that is shaded but not dark..  

For me I want  the ability to adjust the darkness and not just have it be dark for the sake of dark.. 

My original shop was in the basement of a building and it was dark..  I was young then so my eyes were in my better shape..   Dark spaces naturally create a larger opening in the iris and this lets more light in.. So when you pull the metal out the iris has to shrink again.. 

Today a lot of people talk about using shaded glasses for UV protection and this coupled with a dark shop.. Someone might not be able to find the hammer.. 

When a small tidbit gets dropped and you just spent 1hr forging it and filing it, having a bit of light will make it easier to find.. 

The amount of light i like to have would be about the same as a rainy day under a shaded tree..  

If I need something darker.. I have a dark tube or shut the lights off, or close the blinds at the windows.. 

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