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I Forge Iron

coupla chunks

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These came home from a few ventures-----first photo was a freebie----dont know how it started out,but next to last  use was a boiler door counter weight---3 1/2 x  6 x 15----with a 3" hole,not sure of material---not cast iron and actually has a pretty good rebound.I got this home and remembered a previous find-----3" x  22----a perfect fit !!!!!.My plan is to cut to size and taper one end.Photo 2 has one of the titanium chunks that followed me home from my "mother of all followed me homes"----7 x7 x 4-----marked "LOCKHEED"-----my claim is from the SR72 days----havent proved it yet !!!



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TP------the Ti came from your old stomping grounds-----an estate sale on Parsons Ave.Gentleman was evidently a renowned fabricator/metallurgist/tester-----tested alot for Lockheed/Battelle

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I would be tempted to turn chunk number one on its side and make inserts for various size holes for drifting.


I think that the men in dark suits and sunglasses will be visiting you soon to collect chunk two!

When I worked at Pratt & Whitney the Government was quite protective over the metals used in house.  For some jobs they had the machinists gather and weigh the chips because the amount that goes out the door has to match the amount that came in.  They use proprietary blends of metals.

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