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Another new guy in Oklahoma (Ada area)

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Hey folks,

Brad here, from near Stratford, Oklahoma. I'm retired from 25 years in the US Army, Infantry, Paratrooper mostly in the 82nd Airborne Division.... After all that time falling out of airplanes I'm kinda banged up, but our youngest children are twin 11 year old boys, so they keep me hopping! 

My wife and I were introduced to Forged in Fire by a nephew of mine, and have become junkies for it, and combined with my lifelong enjoyment of building things, it's been an easy step for me to start building a forge and set up a place to work. 

We live on a few acres in the country, and I have two shops, two sheds and a corral, so space isn't a problem... :^) 

Haven't banged on metal for 35 years or so, but I'm looking forward to getting going. Thanks in advance for the help I know I'll receive here. 

Brad Hedges 

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Welcome aboard Brad,glad to have you. Thanks for serving! If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the gang live within visiting distance. 

What kind of forge are you building? Have an anvil? There are a lot of Ideas and pics for improvised anvils, they have their own section. Don't get too set on a London Pattern anvil, that's just one shape, NOT a requirement.

Meet up with the local club, as mentioned by Charles, they're a great bunch and darned active. Every hour you spend with an experienced smith is worth days or more learning on your own. 

On a last note, we LOVE pics: shop, tools, work, pets, kids, etc. anything you'd show a young child you didn't want to have to explain adult things to. Yes?

Welcome to the addiction, it's a life long learning curve. Enjoy the ride!

Frosty The Lucky.

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Welcome to IFI... We won't remember your location after leaving this thread. Us old timers are kinda banged up too, just not from jumping out of perfectly good aircraft.:)

Here is an excellent read on how to get the best out of the forum. Sorta like RTFM.



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