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New Golfer's Deck Gate

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Built this for  a customer there Heavy ! into Golfing & Like Cattail's

Cattails are Copper & textured steel stem & leafs are 1/8 x 1/2 FB run through texturing die's

The Frame is 1"x2"x1/8"rec tube Bend the Old School was between to pieces of lg pipe welded to my Big 5000.- lb welding table

the other Gate is a Copper Tulip & Brass Rose Garden Gate done a few year's ago just to make something Neat !

cause I can :D

2018-5-21 026.jpg

2018-5-21 030.jpg

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Tom Like that Idea will put it in the file folder for next time !

I was going to weld a golf club head to the top of a cattail it look good but the heads I have left Not weldable Darn !

also wanted to put a ball in it somewhere but customer likes it as is so that's as far as we go then LOL

But I see some more cattail stuff coming ! thinking wall sconce

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Could a golf ball be worked into the gate latch handle?  They are easy to drill into and lag bolt if you don't use a liquid center one.

I really think the mixed metals makes the pieces "pop" visually.

The lower gate emphasizes the "delicacy" of steel vs cast iron ornamentation.

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