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I am looking for a California Blacksmith to teach me how to make a simple strap hinge out of 1 inch steel flat bar. I have some of these hinges already and can show you what I need. I could buy them from someone too, but would prefer to make my own. I make furniture and would love to make the hinges as well.


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Where are you located in California? If you get in touch with the CBA, they are a wonderful resource. At the recent Spring Conference, Gary Brown (from Colonial Williamsburg) gave a short demo. He finished about halfway through and held a really helpful question and answer session. When I asked a question, he snatched up a bar, and did the operation right in front of us, with a running commentary on all the cool tricks. He then gave me the piece to take home.

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Santa Maria, I bought 2 tons of grapes there a couple of years ago. Drippy fog near the coast with hot as stink a mere five eight or miles inland. Interesting valley, I liked it.

You're pretty close to San Luis Obispo. Isn't there a bunch of smithing going on at Cal Poly besides the farrier school? Maybe someone there can hook you up.

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