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bending job

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help me please
i have a production bending job and i have no experience with this typ of operation
i have a 48 inch piece of 1/2 emt conduit i need to bend at the middle
180 degrees with a 4.5 inch radius
but it must be robust i need to make about 200 pieces for the first run
and hopefully many afterward
will one of those hossfeld machines you guys talk about work for this i can make dies i am a machinist
thanks chuck

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Electrical supply houses, the ones you get the emt from have benders. I don't know about the radius.

Most benders need a die for the specific size material and the specific size bend your doing. A little practice is needed due to spring back, etc. There has been talk about making wooden dies for short runs (small amounts) of bends.

If you know a machinist, making the dies should not be a problem (hint - hint)

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all right ,THANKS SLOB.
i can work this in my job i have to do
made a hand bender this weekend and i had no idea a piece of conduit was so hard to bend i need a 5 foot pipe as leverage
looks like a very nice tool i can rapidly bang out some parts
my client has assuerd me of other needs for this type of operation also
so i am going forward
thanks again,
and THANKYOU GLENN for this site

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