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A special project

Jose Gomez

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I am a Welding and Metal work instructor in New Mexico. Recently, after showing some people a blade that I had completed, one of my students approached me and told me that her father had an unground Damascus blade that had been forged for him many years ago by a master smith that had been a friend of his when their family had lived in Arkansas. She went on to tell me that her father had always wanted to finish the blade, but now was terminally ill and was not doing well at all. 2 days later she brought the blank to me to finish for him. It was 5 1/4" long, and appeared to be L6 and O1, so I treated it as such. I ground it, heat treated it, etched it, and gave it a Purple Heart handle and copper bolster. It was a comfortable knife that was hard to let go of, and I am told that he enjoyed it greatly while he could. He passed away two weeks ago. Though I never met him, I was honored to help him complete something that he had dreamt of for so long.





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Real nice work Jose. It does seem to make an individual feel real good inside after doing one of those "special projects". I was always taught that entrance to Heaven cannot be purchased; but I do think brownie points are still considered.

A link to a "special project" I once was a major player in:


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Thanks for all of the replies, I appreciate them. I have come to find out that one of the best things that came out of this project was a smile. When I was returning the knife I found an article in blade magazine featuring the smith that had given him the blank all those years ago. So when I returned the the completed knife I, of course, included the magazine for him to read. He was so thrilled that he tracked down the smith's number and gave him a call. Even though they had not spoken in quite a while, they picked up right where they left off. I am told that they spent a few hours runing up and down memory lane and when it was over he was a younger man for a while. That's the kind of thing that reminds you of what is really important.

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