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Swel-lock For Hammer Handles

MC Hammer

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So far, when I mount a new handle I use Swel-lock on it and they stay nice & tight.  The first couple of handles I wedged would always loosen up just a slight bit after using them for a while - not after applying some of this to the wedged end grain of the handle.  It even worked for older hammers that I didn't put handles on.  I thought maybe the heat of the forge and heat from using them would loosen them, but not so far.  It sure beats hammering more metal wedges in.  Anyone use this product and has a report on  rather it works long term or not?

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I use a product called "Wonder Lock'em". It is designed to fix squeaky parts on wooden chairs. Lots of folks use it on hammers as well. Works kinda like a swelling, penetrating super glue. I have used it and it sets the hammer head solid as a rock.

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I soak the end of the handle in BLO.  I let it stand handle up in a shallow shallow pan of BLO until I can see it wicking up over the edge of the hammer head. The wipe off the hammer head and run the oily rag on the handle and put the rag in the coal forge.  Keeps the head tight, keeps the steel from rusting and finishes the handle as well.

I've seen a number of custom hammers where the eyes did not have the traditional hourglass shape to them.  Also handles with the abrupt transition from tenon to handle.  IMNSHO:  All I can think is that they are being made by folks who could use more experience in what makes a "good" hammer rather than just a "good looking" hammer.  (Shoot in knifemaking we've been teaching folks to not have a sharp 90 deg transitions from blades to tangs for decades!)

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