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HELP !! for heat treating

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Good day to all.

What would be the best process for heat treating 316 Stainless Steel ?

I am going to make a punch out of the 316 using a 20mm round bar.

Many thanks in advance.


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The best way would be to carefully throw it out as 316 stainless is not a good alloy for punches (nor for drifts...)

Simple web search on hardening 316 stainless turns up:

"The 300 series stainless steel can be "hardened" BUT only by "work hardening." That is by cold working the material,"

And of course any work hardening will disappear when heated above the dislocation climb temperature.

Perhaps you can tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we can make suggestions on better ways to do it.

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The only reasons I could think of using 316 would be the "all stainless when working stainless"; BUT I would expect a punched hole to need cleanup and the piece to require treatment to prevent rusting anyway...(and so the rule is not needed)

(The other reason would be that the OP had access to 316 scrap and wanted to use it even if the use was not suited to the alloy.)

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Hi Thomas, the punch mark is to be used on 316 Stainless Steel Cylinders so my thinking was to use the same material which when heat treated should provide adequate strength to provide a fairly descent mark, else what steel would you recommend to make a mark punch to punch on the 316 stainless steel which is about 4-5 mm thick ? 

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Hi BGDoc , unfortunately the customer wants a punch made of their company mark ,else it would have been a simple solution. The one they have had made looks like it has been machined but does not perform very well on the stainless steel cylinders they are punching on as the cylinders are small and round so with a square punch the marks do not look very nice and is not easy to punch.

Many thanks for your effort though.

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