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Space/location of forge


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I'm in the processing of setting up my new smithy. And one of the things I need to figure out is the location of my forge. I've got a 3 burner Specialty forge from Majestic Forge that has Front and back openings as well as a side door that drops down to allow for those oddly shaped items. 

My Smithy is a converted horse structure. It's 10'x20' with two large doors along one 20' side. My thought was to have the forge between the doors to ensure that I'm not ending up with a bad air situation. I'd like to know how far from the wall the forge should be to minimize the risk of fire. 

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What is the wall made from?  What kind of things are you going to work? (bottle openers and key fobs need less space around the forge than driveway gates!)

If you will be doing long items having the forge lined up so long pieces can go out the  back opening of the forge and then out open door helps.

A simple off set piece of steel can protect and armour a wall.

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wood construction. currently, the "doors" are just openings one has a horse stall gate on it. I'll be adding a dutch door top there and the same on the other door.  There is approximately 6' between the doors and the doors essentially start at the corners and go towards the center. So right now it's essentially open to the elements so the wood isn't super dry. Time will tell what adding doors will do to affect this. 

I don't plan on working large gates, but I will have some long projects. I've got a bar rail that I need to finish that I've been working on for some time now but haven't had the ability to work on it. 

Primarily I will be working small decorative stuff, knives, and axes.  

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My little smithy is similar in size/proportion. Here's how I would probably lay it out if I were you. The occasional large project will make you feel cramped, no two ways about that, but mine works well for me (granted I have a separate shop for all my power tools) and should work for the things you listed. 



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A couple thoughts to consider: Western Wa. means the wood isn't likely to ever be dangerously dry. Cement backer board is designed as a fire stop. Simply hang a sheet or two on 1/2" stand offs on the wall behind the forge and you're golden. You can put your forge on a wheeled cart like a steel serving cart so you can position it to your project and needs. You can mix up a saturated solution of laundry borax and water to spray down any wood close to the fire. When dry it'll be reasonably fire resistant.

I'll never build a permanent stand for a propane forge again, I find myself having to adjust the shop to accommodate ONE tool. :blink:

Frosty The Lucky.

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