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5 bar broken back seax


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I finished up this knife over the weekend. The blade is made up of 5 bars forge welded together. The spine is wrought iron, the next two bars are twisted 15n20 and 1095, then 15 layers of 15n20 and 1095 with an O1 edge.

The handle is bog oak with an etched wrought iron bolster.

The overall length is exactly 12" with a 7 3/8 blade. It's just over 1/4" at the broken back and 3/16 at the bolster.

Next weekend I hope to make a start on a sheath for it.




This is it next to a 3 bar langseax I made two years ago which I'm tempted to re-grind and re handle as I've never been quite happy with the etch or handle on it but it's nice to see the progress between the two.


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Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it.

I wanted the bolster to tie the handle into the blade so used wrought iron which I etched fairly deeply. I love using bog oak for my handles, it's nice to work with and native to the UK which I appreciate.


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