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Duracast Steel 150 Anvil

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Has anyone ever seen this marking on an anvil? Is duracast the maker? 150 the poundage? Any help would be appreciated. The guy wants a fair price for it but I’ve never seen a Duracast Steel anvil and I don’t want to buy a lunker. I didn’t get a chance to check the ring/rebound yet but that’ll be my next step.

Any info on that top anvil would be nice too. Couldn’t find any markings on it. 





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That’s not what I wanted to hear but glad I did. I was leary because of the raised lettering. If it were truly Cast Steel I’d pay what he asking because I really want to start forging and it would get me started but I don’t want an ASO either. I’ll still try the bearing on them to see how it does.

Thanks everyone!

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Arm and Hammer and Vulcans both use an "arm & hammer" logo.  For Vulcans it is cast proud of the surface, for Arm & Hammer it is punched into the side of the anvil.  Arm & Hammer is a top tier brand of anvils. Vulcan is a bottom tier brand; but still qualifies as an anvil and not an ASO!  Why there is confusion about them and why the difference is IMPORTANT!   (Folks trying to sell Vulcans at Arm and Hammer prices is rather like folks trying to sell a Ford Escort at Lexus prices.)

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