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Question about burners

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First I would highly recommend reading the burners 101 threat as for a burner I would recommend building a t burner the instructions of which are pinned here on this site

As for forged in fire the burners on their forges are forced air the burners with chokes are naturally aspirated there are also naturally-aspirated burners that don't have chokes realistically unless you were doing very specific work you want a close to neutral flame at all times making the need for a choke unnecessary

Based on your question I am assuming that you are extremely new to this Hobby and really haven't done a lot of research I'm glad you wound up on this site first when you build your Forge please do not follow any of these so-called YouTube experts you will simply waste time money and effort to make something that is half workable follow a set design to build your Forge and burner do not deviate from these designs as a small deviation can make a huge difference in performance and I'm guessing that you don't have the experience to understand the differences that will be caused

If you google wayne coe artist blacksmith. His website has a forge plan and he sells all of the material to make the forge at a reasonable price as for the burner see above make a frosty T

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READ, READ, READ.... and read some more. Google your topic with iforgeiron at the end. This is actually my first post here. Recently signed up, but a LONG time lurker. I have been toying with burner building, trying to set up a midsized working forge. I've been hesitant to post and ask - simply because the more I look - the more answers I can find. That and the fact that I'm one of the stubborn people who are looking to find "my way" to build. I can't bear to ask people to answer questions on designs they have no idea what I'm doing when there ARE functional designs out there. Any odd issues or ideas I have, I bounce through the forums and topics, and try to determine the principles, and scrap ideas obviously NOT working elsewhere. So far, things have been proceeding nicely, I think. A test burn for the first time the other day seemed to go pretty well. Things need to get worked out - and using the TONS of knowledge here, I have been able to piece together what is seeming to be a functional and flexible arrangement. Keep reading, ask Google - not pester guys for the same answers that are all over. Oh, and YES I highly agree - watch out for YouTube "experts". If you like the idea, check it out in full with the appropriate questions and responses already posted here. The sheer base of experiential knowledge you can glean from these folk is remarkable. IF my ideas become fruitful, I will begin posting and sharing. If I'm completely stumped, or looking for advice on some options or techniques, I will certainly ask, but for the most part - learning the whys and wherefores before the doing is going to save you and others a whole lot of time, thought, and chatter.

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The MAIN reason for installing a choke on a burner is to prevent it from being overheated by the chimney effect after shutdown. So only down-pointing burners, which can't be removed after shutdown really need a choke. On the other hand, I have seen lots of burners, which should have such a choke, without them; why? Becuase stupid never dies :)

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