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Anvil ID maker

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Hello all can anyone ID this anvil maker/origin for me has the wording 'Hardware 1 1/2 raised on it. Its cast with a hardened face rings very sharp and crisp and rebounds fantastic. At a guess I would say weighs in about 160-80 pounds Thank you Bully 


Whoops spelt Hardware wrong its 'Hardwear' as per pic ...sorry

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i think this brand has stumped the anvil community re its origins, thats not a bad thing I find it interesting that its limited considering the wealth of knowledge we have on IFI. With the prices that Australia has on anvils this one may well be worth $$$$$$ lol still no hurry to sell its a nice tool. keep on smithing and bring back to the uneducated how blacksmiths were pivotal in creating communities, towns and societies as a whole...respect gents respect   

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