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stainless steel

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Pickling paste is the simplest for the DIY type operation.  Although the old nasty stuff works great (mostly phosphoric acid IIRC), the newer citric acid versions, left on for a longer period, can also work.

You can also build a DIY electrolytic weld cleaner using a battery charger--here's one youtube video showing how simple it can be  

There are other videos that show fancier ways to do the same thing...some with better results.  

On a side note for welds that you can get access to, we find that those rubber "erasers" with fine grit in the rubber (not coarse) do a great job mechanically and cosmetically where they are appropriate.  Quick and with cosmetically appealing results.   Here's one example...with a video showing you some result examples regarding rust.  http://www.woodworkingshop.com/product/sa99997/  They also do a great job of touching up cast iron machine tables like on a table saw or drill press.

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Greetings 999, 

          Do not use just any wire brush..  If you use a standard brush made from steel it will impregnate into the pours and rust.. Stainless brushes only.  You can cut thin  strips of sandpaper and uses it like a shoe shine rag.  Works for me..  Good luck 

Forge on and make beautiful things 



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