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Indian Fly Presses


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44 minutes ago, DuEulear said:

I just bought a #5 from old world anvils and i love it . They are made in india by a diffrent company. But good machiens

I wish I could buy from a reputable dealer like them... Sadly with shipping and all considered it's cheaper from India but a more guarantee from old world anvils I suppose... It's tough living on a island haha.

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4 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

We are all living on islands---just some are a whole lot larger than others on this mostly water covered planet.

Any chance to having them point you toward a local buyer so you could check it out beforehand?

That's a possibility. I do wonder if there are any around me within a days driving distance though haha. Better start looking then!

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I have them in my fabrication workshop since father's time. and they are pretty good for my fabrication work that is straightening, bending,  sheet metal fabrication works, etc. I have seen many of them around me. if you would like i can send photos of my press


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