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I took a design from a friend of mine who built his own burner for his 5 gallon bucket foundry, but before I assembled I read through the burner 101. Here's how my build is set up: 

It's all black pipe except for the brass hose connection. 

I have two 3/8" couplers welded together. The bottom coupler has aspiration holes drilled into it (See third photo). The top coupler has a 3/8" plug in it with a hole drilled through it about the diameter of mig welding wire. The bottom coupler also has a 3/8" by 2" nipple threaded into it. The nipple extends down into the main body of the burner to about the location of my thumb in the second picture. The end of the burner has holes drilled in it in sort of a rosebud pattern (4th photo). 

This is sort of a prototype. I haven't tried it yet. Was looking for some feedback before I did so I can make the changes I need. The burner will be attached to gas hose with a needle valve.  The forge cavity it will be heating is 4" in diameter and 6" long (bean can forge) so that's what? Pi x Radius squared x length. Around 75 or 76 cubic inches of furnace area. 





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I'm not one of the burner guys but that looks like it has high back pressure and little air intakes and not a long enough tube for mixing---what does the burn look like?

DON'T BUILD YOUR OWN DESIGN FOLLOW *A* KNOWN GOOD DESIGN EXACTLY! (unless you already have years of experience with burners and so know innately how your changes will affect the burner.)

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