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Full size axe gets a "little" make over :)

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I had so much fun on my first hatchet /tactical tomahawk build, I jus had to try another. A buddy of mine gave me an old full size axe when he broke the handle, and said "Do what you want, I'm buying a new one" haha. So I decided to make it into a little back pack, survival hatchet. The main issue was that the axe head itself, was a FULL SIZE AXE HEAD, so the weight was all insanely top heavy once I got it on the newly designed, and majorly smaller hatchet size handle. To compensate, I skeletonized (is that the right term) the axe head, taking out a significant portion of the center using a dremel 3000 with a couple re enforced cutting wheels. (took about two hours and used up 3 disks.. I need a plasma cutter). I guessed right and the weight distribution is perfect. Would love opinions and pointers. Thx guys




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Interesting idea, although I worry about its structural integrity (especially with the square corners possibly creating stress risers where cracks could start). You do not want a hatchet splitting apart under use! If you didn't go with @genesaika's bearded axe suggestion (that is, if you wanted to keep the pierced blade look), I'd recommend a circular or oval cutout.

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13 minutes ago, genesaika said:

Well, it looks like you did good work, but wow do I not like it.... I would have taken the weight off on the bottom and top to make it more of a bearded axe style. 

Thx I think. Lol I have  no idea what I'm doin. Only been into this 3 mths. Trial and error. Heh

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3 minutes ago, JHCC said:

Welcome to IFI, where you should not ask a question unless you want an honest answer!

Nah... I want nothing but honesty. I've only been making knives and such for 3 months and need all the corrective criticism I can get. BTW what's a bearded axe 

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I mean absolutely no offense, just offering advise for next time. Honest if it work then more power to you. 

In the future when designing a work tool look at the structural integrity. Square shapes are over all weaker than rounded shapes. Cut outs are weaker than having metal behind the blade. 

Your work surface is usually the center of the blade, on axes, so it will take the most abuse.

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