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Just saying hello.


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Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I have been lurking for a month or two and reading a lot. I still don't think I have scratched the surface yet, so much information. As a former industrial maintenance mechanic  a certified weld I have some knowledge of metal and metal working, just not in the forging line of work.  I am living in Red Boiling Springs TN am would really like to visit with any blacksmiths or knife makers in the area and learn anything I can.  I will try not to ask stupid questions, but sometimes I have trouble finding exactly what I want to know. The knowledge here is so vast it is hard to take it all in.   Anyhow, thanks to all the great people here who share their knowledge. Thanks.

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Welcome Remmie, I'm a little far away to visit but you're welcome anytime you get over this way.

A tip on searching the forum for information, is to use your favorite search engine (Google for instance) and include "iforgeiron" at the end like this (forge "iforgeiron"). It works better than the search function on the forum.

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Wow, I need to check here for replies more often! I have been wrapped up reading and re-reading burners 101 and parts of forges 101 that I haven't thought about this. PVF Al, I wish I had known about that Athens meeting sooner, I could have made plans and been there. More opportunities will come along. And Tubalcain 2, now I need to pull out my Atlas and find SantaFe, TN.  And I wish to thank all for the warm welcome.

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