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  1. Practiced a bit yesterday making a few kiradashis from a coil spring. Goal was three. I learned a lot. Really good hammer practice as well as understanding how the metal wants to move. I also learned that blisters hurt way more after they pop haha. It got to a point where I was struggling to do a taper so I called it quits. So here are the three in different stages. The top one is straightened and cut from the spring with what I'm calling a "flat taper". Probably wrong terminology, but instead of angling the stock at 45° while forming the taper on the "far side" of the railroad track, I'm
  2. So I've been pretty busy with a big race each month for 3 months and haven't been able to do a whole lot. But have done a few things here and there. For mothers day I made her a Trivet. Please excuse my terrible photos, but it was scrolled with leaves: I used square stock to make this, however, in hind sight next time I'll use round. Also did some practice on the same square stock making a knife: Just some practice forging and grinding, still have a long way to go, but I'm having fun and that's all that matters. Not looking to be a super awesome knife make
  3. @JHCC thanks man! I can't wait! Hopefully this weekend if no rain.
  4. Hammer update! Went to the hardware store and picked up a handle that I had to shape to fit the hammer and the hand: Then I burned the handle, sanded it and oiled it: While I was at the hardware store, the guy setting me up with a handle asked where I got such a "unique hammer head". I told him I made it. He got all excited and grabbed it and proceeded to show it off to everyone working at the store. So I showed him some other things I've made and he said if I ever make another hair piece to let him know. So that my be my first project with this hammer... Then
  5. sfeile - my walking the cup needs more practice Micheal Cochran - I wouldn't mind helping as long as I can get mine finished up!
  6. JHCC - yeah I kinda figured, but the way I look at it is I could use the practice haha Motomike - it's the one I made. The scale was heavy with this one... Lol
  7. Got some new belts today and cleaned up the hammer head. I made it a crosspeen rounding hammer. Wound up being just over two pounds: I did the rounding on the belt grinder since I don't have a die. Then I hand sanded and polished from 150 up to 3000 grit and then some good old never dull: Next is heat treat and handle! So far, pretty proud of it for my first hammer.
  8. Haven't posted in a while, been quite busy. I'm still here and still learning! I've been building forges for people I work with, spreading the joy of blacksmithing to all! And the Completed kit! Then I started on a few more... Then my work sent me up to Lincoln Electric in Ohio for some weld training. Which was pretty neat. Did some 6010/11/13, 7014, 7018, and 7024 Stick, MIG/(Technically MAG) Welding, and some scratch start TIG. Some slag peel with the idiot stick: And kinda got the hang of 6010 And of course,
  9. Well messed around with the fleshing knife, but when I hammered in the bevel it put a heck of a curve in the blade and I'm having a rough time straightening it. So I moved on to practicing my forge welding. Nothing special, just folded over the metal on itself and got it hot, flux, hot, hammer repeat until it was one piece. Pretty neat. No picture because it's not much to see, but it worked! Also my mail box was run over while we were out of town and our neighbor was kind enough to fix it while I was gone. So I made them a leaf key chain.
  10. Frosty - sorry if something like this has been asked, but I was gifted a cast iron grill burner. What are the odds of using it like a ribbon burner? Or am I way off base?
  11. It's alsey pilot 3000. I talked with a ceramics engineer and he got me my materials and a few pointers. I agree with you on the size. The one inch burger is probably too much for this size of forge. The burner was super stable but I didn't run it that long. I made this forge with that burner for a friend and he hasn't had the time to use it yet. I appreciate your help! I have a few more of these forges to build for a few people to get them going down this crazy road. Once those are done, I'm going to try the NARB with this venturi setup.
  12. Frosty Thanks for the input! I plan on trying the narb you made at some point! Here is the picture of the dragons breath when I was curing the refractory.
  13. Frosty thanks man! I forge outside for just that reason! Thanks for the advice on the flame, what about this one? Thanks!
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