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Identify this anvil

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I would wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in, but since you haven't gotten any suggestions, here's my best guess...

Could be a Columbian. They were first made in Cleveland Ohio and later imported from Sweden. I don't think it is a Swedish make, but if it's an earlier Columbian, It's a really nice anvil. USA Columbians usually had a triangle with a "C" in the middle on one side, and some random letter somewhere on the other side. The triangle "C" logo would have been in that place (second picture from bottom) on the side where it looks like somebody milled it out. Why did they mill it out? Your guess is as good as mine. The "P" on the other side is suprising to me, because it is a depression instead of a raised letter like all the Columbians I remember seeing. Anyway, Columbian or not, If it has good ring and rebound, it is a good anvil. She's pretty, for sure.

BTW, whoever welded on the edge to make it sharp shouldn't have, and didn't know what he was doing!!

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It is a little too hard to tell much about your anvil with the pictures you have provided, Some close ups of the underside of the base, the holes under the horn and tail,. and numbers any where else else on it. A closer picture of the top edges would help also.


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